What is the Malta Gladiator Trail?



THE MALTA GLADIATOR TRAIL is a first of it’s kind in Malta, as it combines an obstacle course competition and TV production in one.

What you need to know about MALTA GLADIATOR TRAIL.

The production team have come up with a unique obstacle course trail which will be transformed into a spectacular competition that will test anyone’s boundaries of physical and mental power.

The main goal for participants is to try to complete a series of gruelling obstacles spread over a trail in the least possible time. As one proceeds through the trail, the obstacles progressively get more difficult.

Since this is a TV production, all the stages of the competition will be filmed and aired on local tv and live-streamed on one of Malta’s biggest internet providers platforms.

The production team are excited to bring to the Maltese shores this exciting project and the ethos is for this event is to establish it as one of the main calendar events in the sports field.